I våre nye lagerfasiliteter på Ganddal dekker vi alle behov for fryselagring. Vi kan håndtere alt fra store volum til bulk eller enkeltpaller. Totalkapasitet er på 6500 europaller/2000 bisonpaller.

Våre medarbeidere har bred kunnskap og erfaring i lagerhåndtering. Vi yter kvalitetsservice i alle ledd. Vi har tatt i bruk innovativ teknologi for å være fleksible til å møte spesifikke behov:

  • Automatisk rapportering
  • Forsikringsløsninger
  • Trådløs kommunikasjon
  • 100% strekkodeintegrasjon
  • EDI-kommunikasjon

Fryselageret ligger praktisk og sentralt til på Godsterminalen på Ganddal, utenfor Stavanger. Du finner kontaktinfo her.

always remember to be yourself. If you try to sound a certain way that you think editors want to hear, they will see right through the disguise. Magazines naturally invoke intimidation, but editors are just people too. Be personable and friendly, laugh if something is funny and speak to them as you would an old friend. If they like who you are, they will like your writing. The people who read magazines are people just like you and they want to read something written by a genuine person. If you have trouble launching your career in the world of magazines, or cannot quite convince the editor to give you a try, don’t give up. Start with smaller magazines and work your way up to the top. In some cases, it may even help to write several free articles just to get your foot in the door. This will provide you with previously published work samples and a background in writing. A final thought when writing for magazines relates to dealing with rejection. There are some editors who are as nice as your next door neighbor
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five: the Web is no longer just a dumping ground of random information; it is a highly sophisticated stage for creating experiences through the delivery of entertaining, informative, compelling, and memorable stories. There is just no better way to cut through the remoteness and isolation of the Web than video. And when we talk of video we are not talking about slide shows of still photos and bulleted points. Just because it moves doesn mean it effective. The way to tell your story and deliver your message is with a real person that can express emotion, emphasis, charm, personality and impact. Step six: Deliver your marketing message, your unique differentiating story, your identity and brand through the clever and sophisticated employment of memorable Web video. A Final Thought If you run a business you busy and that leads to a satisficing tendency to over simplify, to reduce things down to an elevator pitch, to create meaningless mission statements and lists of bulleted points delivered by a boring PowerPoint slide show; unfortunately clients are complicated and business is complex, but Pine and Gilmore say it clearly in the title of their book, Experience Economy: Work is Theatre
Winchester School of Art MA Fashion Management The MA Fashion Management at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, provides a programme in which you can develop your skills and knowledge in your field of interest. The programme equips you with both the practical skills and the intellectual framework, appropriate to your specialism, to allow you to work competently at a master level.Visiting professionals and guest speakers will share their experiences with you, complemented by study visits, lectures and seminars. You will have the opportunity to develop the critical thinking and skills required for a successful career in Fashion Management. Such thinking and skills will enable you to respond positively to the changing demands of clients and consumers.The programme enables you Wholesale NFL Jerseys Outlet to think of Fashion Management as a means to nurture your own entrepreneurial venture, or to join the Fashion industry at management level.Key factsYou will be able to develop your thinking and skills in the following Fashion Management challenges: Fashion buying, analysing the nature of fashion, stock management and distribution, managing supply chains and the role of fashion in developing brand
an interview last year. Steward estimated in the early years, "probably 90 percent of the people" in the firm didn’t believe shale gas would be profitable, and that Mitchell’s company didn’t even cover the cost of fracking on shale tests until the 36th well was drilled. But he credited the company namesake as a tenacious visionary. "There’s not a lot of companies that would stay with something this long," he said. "Most companies would have given up." "Because of Mitchell’s persistence we are today witnessing an unprecedented boom in domestic energy production and the associated economic benefits in Texas and nationwide," Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman agreed Friday. Mitchell sold his energy company in 2002 for $3.1 billion. According to his biography posted by the Mitchell Foundation, the North Texas gas field that became the foundation of his oil empire was the result of a deal promoted by a Chicago bookmaker. "His story was quintessentially American," the family statement said. "George P. Mitchell was raised as a child of meager means who, throughout his life, believed in giving back to the community that
The Problem with Financial Incentives Bonuses and stock options often improve performance. But they can also lead to unethical behavior, fuel turnover and foster envy and discontent. In this opinion piece, Wharton management professors Adam Grant and Jitendra Singh argue that it is time to cut back on money as a chief motivational force in business. Instead, they say, employers should pay greater attention to intrinsic motivation. That means designing jobs that provide opportunities to make choices, develop wholesale cheap jerseys skills, do work that matters and build meaningful interpersonal connections. Enron. Tyco. WorldCom. The financial crisis. As corporate scandals and ethical fiascoes shatter the American economy, it is time to take a step back and reflect. What do these disasters have in common? We believe that excessive reliance on financial incentives is a key culprit. Starting in the mid to late 1970s and 1980s, the view emerged in management thinking that the primary role of corporate leadership was to maximize the interests of shareholders. In time, this view came to be known as financialization, and maximizing shareholder value became the reigning mantra. Over time, the belief became almost
presenti contemporaneamente sul finale, sono stati scollegati togliendo equilibrio. Al contrario, la squadra di Benitez si esalta quando la palla viaggia veloce cos i suoi uomini pi rappresentativi migliorano notevolmente il rendimento. Nella costruzione del gioco, l’abilit di spingere sulle corsie esterne, con Callejon devastante nei tagli e nella percentuale realizzativa, quando punta palla al piede per liberare spazio per le sovrapposizione di Maggio, ha rappresentato una costante spina nel fianco. Poi, la facilit con cui gli esterni offensivi si smarcavano per permettere al gioco di svilupparsi in ampiezza e, ricevuta palla, tentare l’1 1 grazie a una maggior velocit palla al piede. In questo l’apporto di Lorenzo "il Magnifico" ha creato numerose palle gol. La posizione di Jorginho, abile ad allargarsi a destra per permettere a Callejon di alzarsi molto e attaccare, insieme all’intelligenza tattica della punta Argentina, che con i suoi movimenti consente l’inserimento dei compagni, sono due costanti nello sviluppo offensivo. Nella fase di non possesso il sacrificio di Hamsik e Higuain stato incredibile: tutti e 11 i giocatori di Benitez si sono impegnati e, a turno, ogni
unisco a Napoli, al mondo. E con le quali ha spesso "chiuso" video ed interviste. Due parole che risuonano "bizzarre", o fuori luogo, o che "stonano" in questa realtà popolata da mostri, in cui le scelleratezze di un sistema di potere spesso si riproducono "dal basso" in una spirale di violenza che lo alimenta e lo identifica come intrinseco alla specie umana. O come suo elemento predominante, fatalmente predominante. Genera ancor più stupore, e cheap nba jerseys china perplessità, ripeterle ora che la sua perdita, il suo assassinio (come gli assassinii di Rachel Corrie e di Tom Hurndall e di molti altri, comprese le vittime palestinesi), ci dice quanto più forte possa stringere la morsa del potere sulla resistenza umana, sull’affermazione della sua DIGNITA’; di quanto l’annientamento delle positive spinte propulsive e costruttive della specie umana sia un obiettivo del sistema di dominio, e quante volte esse siano ad un passo dal cedere alla brutalità di quella patologia che è il "potere", sotto qualunque forma e con qualunque bandiera esso si esprima. Eppure, Vittorio (come chiunque continui saldamente a lottare per
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